Metalworking Fluids and Metal Processing Oils

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Schaeffer manufactures a complete line of superior quality metalworking fluids for use in a wide variety of applications. Schaeffer's Metalworking Fluids do not contain chlorine, nitrites, phenols or diethanolamine (DEA) of heavy metals. Schaeffer's proprietary micro-emulsion metalworking technology provides a biostatic and bio-resistant, non-staining, semi-synthetic metal removal fluid that is recommended for use in a multitude of machining and grinding operations on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Schaeffer metalworking fluids contain a unique group of surface active ingredients, lubricity, anti-weld and extreme pressure additive systems that work in synergism which enables the products to wet and coat the metal surfaces of the tool and workpiece interface in order to provide a protective film that improves the film lubrication boundary characteristics, chip carrying capabilities and heat dissipation properties of the fluid. These coolants contain a combination of properly balanced wetting agents that allows the penetration of the fluid directly into the cutting zone to form a chemical/metal bond that reduces friction and rapidly cool the part/tool interface through a physical characteristic call inverse solubility.

The combination cooling and extreme pressure/lubricity properties engineered into Schaeffer coolant's inverse solubility properties effectively transfers heat away from the cutting zone, thus reducing friction between the cutting tool and the work-piece. This in turn results in greater dimensional accuracy, higher turning speeds and feeds, prevention of the chips from welding to the cutting tools, improved surface finish and extended tool life.

Schaeffer coolants last longer. All Schaeffer coolants utliize an extremely stable and tight micro emulsion system that allows them to be mixed with water at varying concentrations. The micro emulsion system enhances the rust and corrosion  inhibitors' alkaline reserve during use, resulting in the product's ability to resist rancidity, a drop in pH and provide superior bioresistance and biostability. The micro emulsion system is less susceptible to attack from bacterial growth, resulting is less degradation of the fluid during use. This allows Schaeffer coolants to last longer. The unique formula is less likely to sour and produce odors resulting in longer sump life and fewer worker complaints.

The antifoam additive system in Schaeffer coolants provides rapid foam collapse and a high degree of stability during use. This results in a sufficient amount of the cutting fluid being available to the tool-work-piece interface, greater visibility of the work-piece and a vast reduction in maintenance problems due to coolant overflow.

Schaeffer coolants will reject a very high percentage of tramp oil contamination allowing for easy skimming and removal of the tramp oils from the sumps and reservoirs. This results the elimination of a potential food source for the growth of bacterial and fungus in the sump and greater bioresistance to the growth of bacteria and fungus in the coolant sump.


Synkool SS™
Semi-synthetic metal working fluid, for use
with ferrous and most types of non-ferrous metals. Water soluble.
Special features: Additional load carrying and  anti-rust abilities for applications where these are needed. Waste treatable, environmentally
friendly low foam properties, DEA Free, Biostable


55 gal
30 gal
5 gal
6 gal/cs


Maxkool SS®
Semi-synthetic micro-emulsion metal working
fluid. For ferrous and non-ferrous metals,

Low Foaming


55 gal
30 gal
5 gal



 Ultrakool SS®
Semi-synthetic micro-emulsion metal working

fluid designed for a high pressure circulating system.
Low foaming. For use with ferrous and
non-ferrous metals, and aluminum, DEA FREE, BIO STABLE,
Meets SCAQMD VOC Requirements


55 gal
30 gal
5 gal


Machine Kleen
Water soluble, low foaming cleaner for machine tool.
Sumps & surfaces removes debris, biofilms and other
contamination. Protects against rust and corrosion.
Meets SCAQMD VOC Requirements

55 gal
5 gal




Honing Oil
Low odor, chlorine free, heavy-duty, active sulfur base
low viscosity oil for the honing and superfinishing of
ferrous and certain non-ferrous metals such as
nickel and aluminum and aluminum alloys. For use in
honing of engine blocks and cylinders, reaming and grinding.


55 gal
5 gal




Sulfurized Odorless Cutting Fluid
Chlorine free. Designed for use in moderate to severe cutting. Machining applications such as broaching, gear tapping and threading.  Containes active sulfur base.  Recommended for use on ferrous metals, certain types of aluminum, nickel and hastalloly.
Not recommended fro use in machining brass, bronze, copper and other yellow metals.
Meets SCAQMD VOC requirements.



55 gal
5 gal


Tap Shield
Water miscible
EP tapping compound for use in wide tapping
application. Can be used on all types of metals

will not stain, excellent cooling, will not harden or
leave residue, low VOC content..
Meets SCAQMD VOC requirements


5 gal
12 pt/cs


Ruststop Outdoor
Rust preventative for long-term protection
of metal parts and equipment stored outdoors.
Highly resistent to moisture, salt spray and
high humidity conditions. Displaces water and

moisture. Leaves soft thin transparent film.

Also available #168 for indoor use.


55 gal
30 gal
5 gal


An environmently friendly rust remover. Just
dip rusted pieces, tools, etc. and rust

55 gal
5 gal
4x1 gal/cs