Schaeffer Biodegradeable Surfactants & Soil Conditioners

Schaeffer's proven track record in agriculture and agri-business extends to our line of biodegradable, non-ionic surfactants and soil conditioners.

Schaeffer's family of Wet-Sol® Concentrates are biodegradable, non-ionic surfactants that aid irrigation, plant formation and weed control. Wet-Sol® Concentrates are used to enhance the performance of agriculture herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides which call for the addition of surfactants. Wet-Sol® Concentrates provide quick wetting, more uniform coverage and increased penetration of sprays. Wet-Sol® Concentrate's cleaning ability makes it ideal for use with hard-to-manage herbicides; applicator clean-up is simplified greatly when Wet-Sol® Concentrate is used. Wet-Sol® Concentrates also contain anti-foaming agents.  Available in 6-1 gallon and 2-2 ½ gallon cases and in bulk.

Schaeffer's Wet-Sol® products may be used as a:

  • Soil Penetrant / Conditioner
  • General Herbicide Wetting
  • Spreader-Sticker

#233 Wet-Sol® (Surfactant)

A biodegradable, non-ionic surfactant, adjuvant, spreader-sticker and soil penetrant. Contains superior blends of surfactants and anti-foam agents. Enhances the performance of chemicals, increases crop yields and increases the effectiveness of any and all moisture.

#233G Wet-Sol® Gro

Soil conditioner that also contains a feeding supplement that helps plants utilize nutrients more efficiently. Bio-stimulants and fermentation products present in Wet-Sol Gro influence microbial and mycorrhizae populations in order to increase the availability of nutrients and moisture to the plant as it is growing.

#235 Wet-Sol® 99

A more concentrated version of Wet-Sol ideal for aerial applications and where reduced spray volume is desired.