Schaeffer Open Gear & Thread Lubes

Schaeffer manufactures a number of world-class wire rope and open gear lubricants.

#199 Silver Streak® Wire Rope Lubricant
A heavy-duty, extreme pressure lubricant specially formulated to provide
extended service life over a wide range of temperatures to all types of wire ropes..

#200 Silver Streak® Special Multi Lube Spray
A semi-synthetic, diluent-type heavy duty, extreme pressure lubricant that is recommended for the lubrication of open gears, pins and bushings, dipper sticks, circle rails, wire ropes, large open chains and fifth wheels that are common to the mining, steel mill, railroad, construction, power plant and marine industries.

#202 Moly 5th Wheel Lube
Moly 5th Wheel Lube has superior adhesive film forming characteristics which allows it to resist “squeeze out” and cling tenaciously to plates.

#319 Moly Hi-Visc Boom Lube
Moly Hi-Visc Boom Lube sprays easily as a thin, shear film that quickly clings to vertical surfaces.  Fortified with molybdenum, this highly durable lubricant protects metal surfaces from damaging friction and wear to allow for smoother and safer equipment operation.  This lubricant features exceptional adhesive properties, which gives it the longer-lasting staying power with less application.


 #200S Silver Streak® Special Multi Lube
Silver Streak® Special Multi-Lube is a semi-synthetic, heavy duty, extreme pressure open gear lubricant.  Recommended for the lubrication of heavily loaded open gears particularly those found in grinding mills, kilns, shovels, dragline, ship loaders, stackers and reclaimers and excavator applications; as one grease (multipurpose and open gear) for the entire machine on most shovels, excavators and draglines (excluding electric motor bearings).


drag line - need Black Beauty Grease


 #225 Moly Tool Joint
A high performance, extreme pressure, anti-wear lubricant that is specially formulated to lubricate and seal pipe threads.

 steel pipe thread - moly tool joint

Moly Tool Joint is compounded from the finest high viscosity index solvent refined severely hydrofinished 100% paraffin base stocks available. Blended into these paraffin base stocks is and inorganic thickener which allows the Moly Tool Joint the ability to withstand extremely high

Moly Tool Joint has Gardner-Denver approval for use as a bit and coupling lubricant and
threading compound.