Schaeffer Oil Products & Purchasing FAQ

Where can I find MSDS/TD information?

Material Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data information can be found at

How do I get my WebScope web-based oil analysis results?

Go to Predictive Maintenance Services

WebScope Results

How do I buy Schaeffer product?

Use the Rep Locator to find the closest rep to you. Schaeffer depends on the local rep to make recommendations and give personal service to the customer. Contact the sales rep using the Contact form. On the rep's site, you may also find retailers in your area.

Why the different grease cap colors?

The grease cap colors represent different grades.

Paper tubes:

  • Black    - NLGI 00
  • White   - NLGI 0
  • Blue      - NLGI 1
  • Silver    - NLGI 2
  • Orange - NLGI 3

Plastic tubes (new in 2015)

  • Black   - NLGI 00
  • White  - NLGI 0
  • Red     - NLGI 1
  • Yellow - NLGI 2
  • Clear   - NLGI 3

How much does shipping cost?

There's no charge for shipping on any order over $375.00.

How long will it take to receive my product?

Orders will generally arrive within 3-7 days from the time the order is placed depending on the freight carrier and your location. The sales rep can provide you with a tracking number.

What if I did not receive all of my order?

  • The sales representative can check for backordered product. If an item is backordered, the product will be shipped as soon as it is available.
  • Check for a shortage as goods are being unloaded. Count the cartons, containers or items, your count should match exactly what is stated on the freight bill. If there is a discrepancy, write an exact description of the shortage on the freight bill before signing for the goods, both on the driver's copy and yours. Whenever possible, state the exact item that is short. The driver must also sign the freight bill indicating he agrees that the shipment is short. This action will alert the freight company to make every effort to locate the missing freight.
  • "Received 32 12qrt cases 700 Supreme, 1 12qrt case 700 Supreme short"
  • "Shrink wrap torn, received 14drums, 3 drums short"
  • "Received 1 drum 700, 1 part #950 short"

What if my product is damaged?

The product leaves our docks in perfect condition. Sometimes, damage occurs in transit. Before signing the Bill of Lading, carefully check for any visible signs of damage to the cartons, containers, items or pallets. Feel free to unwrap the pallet and inspect the cases inside and on the bottom. A full, detailed description of any damage or suspected damage must be signed/stated on both copies of the freight bill and then refuse those damaged items, or item. (You have the right to refuse partial shipments.) The driver must also sign the freight bill indicating he agrees as to the condition of the freight. Not doing so will leave you responsible for the freight cost damaged or not. In all damaged or short incidences, contact your Schaeffer rep.

Will Schaeffer pay for a lift gate at delivery?

Yes, if the request is on the Bill of Lading. Request a lift gate at the time of the order from your sales rep.

What if I move to another address?

Product will be delivered to whatever address is on file. Be certain to notify your sales representative of a new delivery address or a new billing address.

Can I pay with a Credit Card?

Yes. MasterCard, American Express or Visa are accepted. We do not accept Discover

Where does the product ship from?

Our manufacturing plant is in St. Louis, MO. Schaeffer Mfg Company also has stocked warehouses throughout the country in Wisconsin, Washington, Texas, California, Idaho, Montana, Ohio, Atlanta and Arkansas.


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